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Instructions for configuring Trimble's Pathfinder Office to automatically download Michigan Tech's Base Station files:

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pdf format (85 k)
zipped rich text (rtf) format (195 k)

Base Station Information

Location: 47° 10' 18.491371" N 88° 29' 54.101632" W
Height Above MSL: 297.61 m (WGS-84)
Receiver type: Trimble 4000 SSi Geodetic Surveyor
Channels: 18
Elevation mask: 10 degrees
PDOP Mask: 6
Synced Measurement Rate: 1 every 5 seconds

Current operating hours: 24/7

*UPDATE January 2006*

Files are still being logged in RINEX format, however they should be available in the monthly folders again at about six minutes past the hour. If a file is missing, check the in folder. FYI: the base station was operating intermittently from mid November 2005 until December 22, 2005 and the quality of some of the files from this period may be suspect.


*UPDATE April 2004*

The base station was down for upgrades and maintenance from March 28, 2004 14:00 GMT until April 15, 2004 20:00 GMT. Base files are now being logged in RINEX format.

Temporarily you will need to look for files in http://emml.mtu.edu/gps/mtu/data/rinex/in/ The files should be back in the monthly folders soon. If you collected data during the dates when the MTU base station was down I suggest you search http://www.mdotcors.org/. and use data from Sup 1 or Sup 2 (MDOT base stations in L'Anse and Escanaba, repectively).


The MTU base station came on line 10 October 2000. RINEX-format base files should appear in the current month's folder (named YYYYMM, where January 20001 would be 200101) at about eight minutes past the hour.

NOTE that the file compression format was changed from .gz to .zip at 1600 GMT on 12 January 2001 as the .gz files did not retain their .ssf extension. This change will make use of the base files more transparent to Pathfinder Office users.

Contact Information

Mike Hyslop {mdhyslop@mtu.edu}
Ecological Monitoring and Mapping Laboratory
School of Forest Resources & Environmental Science
UJ Noblet Building / 1400 Townsend Drive
Michigan Technological University
Houghton, MI 49931-1295 USA
(906) 487-2308


Thanks to the Michigan Tech Century II Campaign Endowed Equipment Fund (C2E2) for providing funding to purchase this base station.
Other collaborators at Michigan Technological University include the the College of Engineering, the School of Forestry and Wood Products, the Department of Geological Engineering and Sciences, the Industrial Archaeology Program in the Department of Social Sciences, the Remote Sensing Institute, the College of Sciences and Arts, and the School of Technology.
External support came from U.P. Engineers and Architechts and the U.S. Forest Service (Ottawa National Forest).
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